Buying Black Oakland: 5 Local  Black-Owned Businesses to Support


Good small list of black businesses in Oakland

What's Happening Black Oakland?

  1. Coffee with a Beat

458 Perkins Street

Coffee with a Beat is a family-owned coffee shop located in the heart of Lake Merritt. It offers local coffee and fresh food including many varieties of fresh pastries, bagels, and cakes. Coffee with a Beat takes tremendous pride in offering superior customer service. The next time you need fresh coffee and a welcoming atmosphere,  don’t settle for Starbucks; try Coffee with a Beat!

   2. Urban Furniture


3241 Grand Avenue

Located in Oakland’s Grand-Lake commercial district, Urban Furniture is a social enterprise thrift store that sells quality used furniture. It also serves as a platform to provide education and on the job training to low-income single moms in Oakland. In addition, they provide a free donation pick up service if there are any goods you’re willing to donate. 

3. Marcus Books

3900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Conveniently located near MacArthur…

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